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Jasmine Rice 1 kilo Royal Tiger

€ 2.95

Also know as: Jasmine Rice
Country of origin: Cambodia
Brand: Royal Tiger
Content: 1 kilo

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Royal Tiger Jasmine Rice packed in 1-kilo bags and comes from Cambodia. Excellent rice for a very nice price.

Jasmine Rice

Royal Tiger jasmine rice is a long-grain rice variety from the regions of Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The rice has a wonderfully nutty smell and taste that is somewhat reminiscent of pandan. The jasmine is often sold under the name of pandan rice, in principle, there is not much difference between pandan and jasmine rice. Originally, jasmine rice should have a more floral-like fragrance and pandan rice has more of the pandan aroma in the rice. Furthermore, both rice types are virtually the same in terms of the preparation method or structure.

How to prepare?

Wash the rice in a sieve until it no longer dispenses flour and the water remains clear. You can boil it in plenty of water and drain it when it is cooked, or steam it in a steamer. I personally prefer the easiest and best result, to cooking in a rice cooker. Easy to use and always a great result.