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Jute Leaves 227 gr Pearl Delight

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Also known as: Jute Leaves, Dahon Ng Saluyot, Feuilles De Jute, bush okra, lalo
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Pearl Delight
Code: 4806520940828
Content: 227 gr (8 Oz)

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Jute leaves are used in flavoring soups, stews, tea and vegetable dishes.

Jute Leaves

Jute plants are widespread in tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and Africa. Here they are mostly used in the kitchen. The leaves are used in stews and soups or tea. The leaves are harvested from certain varieties of this plant for food, while the stems are used for industrial products, such as cables, pulp, paper, fiber. Burlap is very nutritious. It is rich in calcium, iron, protein, vitamins A, C and E, folic acid and dietary fiber. Jute leaves are only available in frozen form. In Filipino cuisine, the Saluyot as it is called there is used in dishes such as Paksiw, Pinakbet, Dingengdeng and in combination with milkfish.


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