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Kisses Milk Chocolate with almonds 150 gr Hershey

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Also know as: Kisses Melk Chocolade met Amandel
Country of origin: America (USA)
Brand: Hershey's
Code: 034000134304
Content: 150 gr (5.3 Oz)

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Kisses milk chocolate with almond is a delicious chocolate snack with an almond in the middle of the chocolate. Really delicious melts in your mouth!

Kisses Milk Chocolate with almonds

Whatever you want to say! say it with a kiss! Sometimes it is not so easy to find the right words to say what someone really means to you. If you give Hershey kisses as a gift then this says enough! Kisses are absolutely a treat that should not be missed at the coffee table. Also delicious as a snack! The chocolates have a big drop shape and are packed one by one, so also nice to hand out. Hershey's is one of the top brands in America in terms of chocolate. Hershey Kisses are available in different flavors, so we have the regular milk, the special it's a boy and it's a girl version, and also the kisses cookie and cream version. A real treat, try it and experience the delicious taste of Hershey's


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