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Kokyo Sake Set 750 ml Gekkeikan

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Also known as: Gekkeikan Sake, Kokyo Sake set
Country of origin: Japan
Brand: Gekkeikan
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Content: 750 ml.

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Kokyo Sake Set Gekkeikan is a nice gift. Complete with a bottle of sake, and a sake decanter with glasses.

Sake set

In the year 1637, Gekkeikan's founder, Okura Jiemon, arrived at Kyoto's southern district of Fushimi to realize his dream if establishing a sake brewery. Famed for its water and close proximity to the ancient capital of Japan, Fushimi was a bustling center of merchants and feudal lords en route to visit the shogun in Tokyo.

Through years of endeavor, Okura's sake enjoyed increasing popularity. Delighted by the favorable reception, the Okura Brewery consistently sought ways to exceed expectations. By 1868 when Emperor Meiji initiated a nation-wide effort towards mondernization, the Okura Brewery began a formal plan to improve the art of sake making.

To capture this spirit of determination, the brand name "Gekkeikan" (pronounced Gay-Gay-Khan) was adopted. Gekkeikan, which literally means "crown of laurel", was chosen for its acient Western Symbolization of victory and glory.

In 1905, Gekkeikan led the industry by becoming the first brewery to offer sake in glass bottles, an improvement which would ensure consistently good flavor. Well ahead of its time in 1911, Gekkeikan's research efforts and bottling expertise had advanced to such an extent that the product lables proudly claimed: "No Preservatives - First Priority is Quality."

By 1953, Gekkeikan had become the nation's largest Sake Producer and today is honored to be the world's best selling sake. The tradition of taste and quality, started centuries ago with the founder's first efforts, continues to embody rge heart of gekkeikan Sake.