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Laos Powder 22 gr Kokki Djawa

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Also know as: Laos, laoswortel, galangal, galanga, grote galanga, greater galangal, Thaise gember
Country of origin: Europe
Brand: Kokki Djawa
Code: 8710161532747
Content: 22 gr.

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Laos powder is better known as galanga and is widely used in Asian cuisine in curries and boemboes.

Laos powder

Laos is also called Thai ginger or galanga. The taste is a bit like the taste of ginger with a light pepper flavor. The smell of these herbs or roots is a bit citrusy in combination with the aroma of pine nuts. This powder is obtained by making the roots smaller and drying them. The dried roots are then grinded. If you want to replace the fresh laos with this powder then you should use half a teaspoon instead of 1 slice of fresh laos.

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