Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Lemper Mold 19 x 12 cm

Lemper Mold 19 x 12 cm

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Also know as: Lemper vorm met steker
Country of origin: Indonesia
Content: 1 set

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Lemper shape to make the tastiest Lemper yourself, of course, it can be done in the traditional way with foil, but this is also easy.

Lemper Mold

This shape is specially made to make the blade easier and evener. The shape is divided into 5 compartments with a curve and a width of approximately 3.5 cm and a length of 12 cm. In this form, the sticky rice is laid down in a strip. Then you put the filling on it and then put another strip of sticky rice on it. Then stick it loose with the supplied plug.


Lemper is a snack made from glutinous rice and filled with sweet and savory fillings. Traditionally, sticky rice on a banana leaf is spread in a thin slice and filled and rolled up. The filling often consists of seasoned chicken, fish or other meat.