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Litchi Juice 330 ml Iam Super Juice

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Also known as: Lychee, litchie, Litchi
Country of origin: Europe
Brand: Grand Solution B.V.
Code: 8718868283047
Content: 330 ml.

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Lychee drink Iam Super Juice is a super delicious fruit drink that you like the best a taste of what it has to offer a lychee. Try and I'm sure you want.

Litchi Juice

The lychee, actually the English word for Litchi, is an exotic fruit with the size of a small plum. The peel has a hard, scaly structure. The lychee is also referred to as Chinese strawberry by its origin and form. The fruit is sweet and juicy with a spicy aroma. The lychee also ensures a good energy balance in the body.80 grams of Lychee is enough for the recommended daily amount of vitamin C.


Iam Super Juice