Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - M&M with English Toffee Peanut filling 49 gr

M&M with English Toffee Peanut filling 49.3 gr

€ 1,45

Also know as: M&M met engelse toffee pinda vulling
Country of origin: America
Brand: M&M's
Content: 49.3 gr (1.74 Oz)

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M&M with English toffee peanut filling is a vote to win product. This has a filling of a creamy toffee taste.

M&M with English Toffee Peanut filling

The M & M's are of course known to us here in the Netherlands, but there are those flavors that you don't see often. This M&M with toffee peanut filling is a version that is published in a special version with the intention to gauge opinion among the Americans. The taste that gets the most votes will definitely be released.

The following flavors of this series have been released temporarily:

  • English Toffee Peanut
  • Thai Coconut Peanut
  • Mexican Jalapeño Peanut

Try them quickly, before you know it is too late and they will no longer be available!


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