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Mango Nectar 1 ltr Gina

Mango Nectar 1 ltr Gina


Also known as: Mango Juice, Mango sap
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Gina
Code: 033748000155
Content: 1 ltr.

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Mango nectar from Gina is a delicious mango drink in an extra large package of 1 liter. Taste the taste of the tastiest mango in the world and enjoy!

Mango Nectar

This mango I drink now available in easy 1 liter packs. Enjoy even more delicious mango flavor and experience one of the best that the Philippines has to offer in terms of fruits. It’s not for nothing that the Filipino mango has been declared the sweetest mango in the world by the Guinness book of records. You can taste this in this delicious mango drink.

The Filipino mango

A Filipino mango is smaller than you are used to. In addition, it is yellow in color and is slightly oval in shape. The best thing is that the Filipino mango is the sweetest in the world. So very nice! Filipinos also eat the mango both green and ripe (yellow). If you like a slightly more acidic taste, eat it if it is still a bit green. For the lover of sweet, the yellow, ripe mango is delicious.

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