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Mangostan 2 kg Pre Order

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Mangistan, Mangosteen,mangostan, mangoestan, manggis, manggistan, mangestang

Country of origin: Thailand

Code: THMangosteen001

Content: 1 Kilo

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Mangostan 2 kg Pre Order

Mangostan plant is an evergreen, erect tree reaching about 20- 60 ft in height. It commonly found in tropical rainforests of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines as well as in some cultivated orchards in Sri Lanka, and India, where annual precipitation and relative humidity are favorable for its growth. Fresh purple fruits are available in the markets from June until October. Each tree bears several deep purple colored round shaped fruits, capped with light green calyx at the stem end. Completely matured fruit measures about 3-7 cm in diameter. Its outer tough rind is about 7-12 mm thick, contains bitter yellow latex that stains clothes black. Internally; the fruit features 4 to 10 juicy, snow-white color, soft, fleshy, triangular segments as in oranges. Each segment may contain 1-4 off-white colored seeds. Seeds are inedible and bitter in taste. The flavor of the fruit can be described as sweet, fragrant, and delicious.