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Mascobado Sugar sticks 50 x 5 gr kg Alter Trade

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Also know as: Muscovado suiker zakjes, sugar cane
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Alter Trade
Code: 4809011173071
Content: 50 x 5 gr

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Muscovado sugar is an unrefined brown cane sugar, also called Oer-sugar or Sucanat with the typical soft molasses taste.

Mascobado Sugar sticks

Muscovado sugar is an organic unrefined brown cane sugar. Muscovado, Oer-sugar or Sucanat with the typical soft molasses taste is caused by evaporation of cane juice. The raw cane sugar contains, thanks to a minimal processing, all minerals, trace elements and vitamins from sugar cane. This is due to a special method of preparation. The pressed cane juice is thickened very slowly at a moderate temperature. This creates an unrefined form of cane sugar, with the aroma and the color of the cane sugar juice. Because it has not been further processed and no substances have been added during the production process, a 100% natural sugar is created. For the preparation of mascobado, only organically grown cane sugar is used. Muscovado sugar is best known in Southeast Asia. Because of the taste enhancing effect muscovado is widely used in coffee and baking. The taste, the natural minerals, and vitamins make muscovado sugar very suitable to use in a healthy muesli breakfast! Mascobado sugar is more resistant to high temperatures, so it burns less quickly in the oven and preserves its taste better.

  • Pure unrefined cane sugar
  • Long shelf life
  • No added substances
  • Authentic taste
  • Can usually replace ordinary sugar


Muscovado sugar can, as a rule, replace regular sugar, whereby the color and taste can have an effect on the end result. Ideally, the sugar sticks are useful for use in coffee & tea.

Storage tips

Store the mascotado sugar in a dry place. Store in a closed container after opening

Alter Trade

Alter Trade Mascobado is a product of small farmers. Mascobado changes the lives of these people and supports ecology. The mascobado from LOOP comes from the island Negros and is made there and packaged by Alter Trade. Alter Trade is a Fair Trade organization that represents the interests of 5,000 affiliated farmers. Alter Trade is also one of the partners of LOOP in the Philippines.


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