Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Modern Blue Design Chopsticks 22 cm

Modern Blue Design Chopsticks 22 cm

€ 4,25

Also know as: Moderne Blauwe Design Eetstokjes
Country of origin: China
Content: 1 set van 5

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Modern Blue Design Chopsticks with a length of 22 cm. Beautiful ornate version with a beautiful modern blue design.

Modern Blue Design Chopsticks

This beautiful set of 5 chopsticks are executed in a beautiful design with on each set an image of a blue colored modern shaped imgaes. The length of the sticks is 22 cm. The ends of the sticks have ribbed notches so that the sticks have even more grip on the product to be picked. These sticks are packaged in a beautiful package that looks nice to give as a present, but is also fun to keep for yourself.