Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Mortar and Pestle 10 cm Oriental Specialities

Mortar and Pestle 10 cm Oriental Specialities

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Mortar with pestle 10 cm, handy and actually indispensable to make your own Boemboe's or curry. Beautiful design with a delicate drawing on the side

Mortar and Pestle 10 cm

A mortar is to crush or grind ingredients into powder. You can make your own curries or boemboe paste. This Morter is made from basalt lava stone, the advantage of this is that it is hard and abrasion resistant and will not break easily. It's easy to clean and you do not have to worry that it can be a dishwasher detergent. In addition to this size we also have bigger and smaller jacks in our assortment

Mortar Size:

Width: approx. 10 cm

Hight: approx.

Diameter of the mortar section: approximately

First use of a mortar

Before use, always clean each jack with hot water and detergent.