Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Nestea Lemon Ice Black Tea 12 x 25 gr Nestle

Nestea Lemon Ice Black Tea 12 x 25 gr Nestle

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Also known as: Nestea Lemon Ice Tea
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Nestea
Code: 4800361379557
Content: 12 x 25 gr

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Nestea Lemon Ice Black Tea from Nestle is an easy to prepare powder mix with which you can make 1 liter of ice tea per bag in no time at all.

Nestea Lemon Ice Black Tea

Next to Lipton, Nestea is one of the market leaders in the field of Ice Tea. This package contains 12 sachets of 25 g of powder that are easy to mix with water and are approximately good for 1 liter of delicious Ice Tea per sachet. You can never have enough of Nestea. Whether it's summer or winter, Nestea gives you plenty of reasons to enjoy this refreshing blend of iced tea. This ice tea contains a refreshing combination of tea and lemon. Each chilled glass gives you a refreshing sensation that the whole family can enjoy. Let the summer begin with this delicious instant iced tea.

How to prepare:

  • Use approximately 1 sachet per 1 liter of cold water


To preserve the freshness and taste, we recommend to store the powder after opening in a tightly closed airtight container or storage container.

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