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Non Stick Grill plate 32 cm Bright Spark

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Also know as: Anti Aanbak Grillplaat
Country of origin: England (UK)
Brand: Bright Spark
Code: 5060006140594
Content: 1 pcs

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Non-Stick Grill plate that can be used both inside and outside to grill tasty poultry or meat.

Non-Stick Grill plate

For perfect stove-top BBQ indoors or out. Ideal for oven roasting game, poultry, and marinated cuts. Use on gas or most electric hobs and in the oven
BBQ plate grills food in an instant for great tasting meat, fish, shellfish or veg, without unhealthy BBQ smoke residues and fats. Use indoors or out, for perfect impromptu BBQ's at your convenience. Central non-stick grill plate locates above the flame, radiating intense 2 kW heat to lock in food's flavor and goodness. Surrounding vents drain off fats or marinades and keep food warm for healthy, happy bbq meals the whole family enjoys. Lower section 'moat' catches for the runoff in water for easy cleaning. Ridge base located securely on a portable cooker. No bbq mess, dishwasher safe & easy-clean


  • Remove the top BBQ plate and add a half cup (2. 5dl) of liquid (water, juice, or stock) to'moat' before heating. This keeps food run-off from burning on and keeps food placed above vents warm.
  • For best results, be sure to center BBQ plate directly over cooker flame, and locate bottom grooves over pan supports.
  • High heat grill cooks food fast-watch carefully and tests frequently for doneness.
  • Easy to clean. Dishwasher safe. Avoid using harsh abrasives on non-stick surfaces.
  • Some parts of the accessory may become hot when in use.
  • Keep out of the reach of children. The grill plate is perfect for grilling steaks, chops, and sliced or cubed meats, as well as fish, vegetables or fruits, intensifying fresh, succulent taste.


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