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Otap Biscuits Buko Pandan 210 gr Laura

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Also known as: Otap Biscuits Buko Pandan
Country of origin: Philippines
Content: 210 gr (7.4 Oz)

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Otap biscuits buko pandan is a type of pretzel that is very popular in the Philippines. The biscuits are crumbly and sweet.

Otap Biscuits Buko Pandan

These otap biscuits have the taste of coconut (buco) in combination with pandan. The word Otap is the tagalog version of the utap, which is why it originated in the kitchens of the sugar barons of Silay in the visayas region. Otap is a flaky pretzel-like biscuit that can be enjoyed with hot soup, coffee, tea or plain dessert. Otap belongs to the wonderful family of biscuits that have been passed down from generation to generation. In the Philippines, this is a gift that you can safely attend at parties.


Pandan is a tropical plant. The plant is rare in the wild, but is specially cultivated for oriental cuisine. The pandan plant rarely blooms and is propagated by cuttings.
Pandan leaves are often dried or used fresh in various Thai and Indonesian dishes. The pandan leaves give a somewhat nutty taste, this is often compared to pistachio. The leaves are often soaked fresh in coconut milk so that the taste of the pandan is easily incorporated into the dish.


Enriched wheat flour, eggs, cane sugar, vegetable oil (hydrogenated coconut and / or palm oil), yeast, baking powder, coconut pandan aroma, coloring E102, E133