Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Philippine Capiz Magnets set of 4

Philippine Capiz Magnets set of 4

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Also known as: Filipijnse Capiz magneetjes set van 4
Country of origin: Philippines
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Filipino Capiz magnets are nice fridge magnets with a typical Filipino design. Nice to give as a present but also to use yourself.

Philippine Capiz Magnets set of 4

These magnets have a diameter of about 6 cm and are made with Capiz shells as a base and finished with images in aluminum. Since this is a handmade product, the image as shown on our website may differ slightly from the actual product.


The shell type Capiz is a species that was originally discovered on the island of Capiz. The shell is almost circular and very thin, glassy and even slightly translucent. These shells live on sandy and muddy soils to a depth of about 100 meters. The shells are an important commercial product in the Philippines, as it is possible to make various very beautiful objects. Nowadays the capiz is often colored or lightly processed in lamps, candle holders, souvenir articles and even as a kind of stained glass windows. The most popular variants are the Christmas variants. One then makes very luminous colored pieces of art in the shapes of stars that can then be hung during the holiday months