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Philippine Mango Sorbet 700 cc Luneta Ice Cream

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Also known as: Philippine Mango Sorbet
Country of origin: Europe / Philippines
Brand: Luneta Ice Cream
Code: 8719324893879
Content: 700 cc

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Philippine Mango Sorbet from Luneta is delicious ice cream with the sweet and creamy blend of the world-class Philippine mango

Philippine Mango Sorbet

This type of ice cream is one of the many flavors available from Luneta Ice Cream. A sweet and creamy blend of the world class Philippine mango. Who can not enjoy this? Enjoy the mouth-watering taste of original filipino flavors.

Luneta Ice Cream

“Luneta” for many Filipinos has the effect of “feeling home”. The real Luneta is a place in Manila where the Philippine National Hero Jose P.Rizal is honored. This is the heart of independence and heroism among all Filipinos. Every time any Filipino mentions Luneta, it brings them back to childhood days in the Philippines, just enjoying the day without worries. This is the same feeling the product gives to the customers who get to eat and enjoy them. And now, these Filipinos abroad are the new heroes. Luneta Ice Cream aims to make them feel how their efforts are helping our country and through our products, they are reminded of their families and old friends back home.

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