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Philippine Mug Jeepney Heritage Collection

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Also known as: Filipijnse beker Jeepney
Country of origin: Philippines
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Filipino Mug Jeepney is a cup from the Heritage collection of Filipino souvenirs. A nice mug that is nice as a souvenir or to give as a gift.

Philippine Mug Jeepney Heritage Collection

The mug is one of the many varieties in the range with a traditional Filipino print. The Jeepney has been a means of transport for many years and until today can still be seen in the streets.


Length: 12 cm
Diameter: 8 cm
Height: 10 cm


The Jeepney is a means of transport in the Philippines. This means of transport is often used as a local bus in the big cities. The car has an entry space at the rear where there are benches on both sides. This means of transport is a cheap way for the Filipinos to go to school or to work. The cars were originally made from the American jeeps that were left behind after the second world war. Today's jeeps are increasingly being made in Filipino factories. The wagons are relatively polluting and one is, therefore, considering replacing these wagons with electric variants.


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