Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Plate Holder 27 cm Rosewood

Plate Holder 27 cm Rosewood

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Also know as: Bordenstandaard
Country of origin: China
Brand: Rosewood
Code: 8715226063501
Content: 1 pcs

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Plate holder 27 cm, a beautifully shaped wooden stand to show your borders gracefully in your display or cabinet.

Plate Holder 27 cm Rosewood

This plate Holder is a graceful basis for a beautiful presentation of your beautiful dishes. Everyone has a nice plate in his closet, which is so beautiful in appearance that it's actually a pity to lay it down. This standard has the solution. Easily to fold in and out and gives your plates a place in your showcase as they should be seen. This wooden version is available in different sizes to provide a standard for the size of every plate.


Height: 27 cm

Width: 23.5 cm

Depth: 10 cm