Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Raak me niet aan! (Noli me tangere) José Rizal

Raak me niet aan! (Noli me tangere) José Rizal

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Also know as: Noli me tangere
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Arpenco
Code: 9789082827149
Content: 408 pages

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The great Filipino novel about the cruel oppression under Spanish rule. Brightly realistic, full of humor and sarcasm. But also a tragic love story and a desperate political statement

Raak me niet aan! (Noli me tangere)

Noli me tángere by José Rizal is the great novel of the Philippines translated in dutch. A fiercely realistic description of life in the Philippines under Spanish rule in a time of abuse, greed, cruel oppression, torture and executions. But at the same time also an exciting historical novel, a tragic love story and a desperate political statement - full of sarcasm and humor. Because of the sarcastic way in which the immoral priests and rulers are ridiculed, the book grew into a strong weapon in the fight against Spanish tyranny. The revenge of the priests - the conviction and execution of José Rizal - accelerated the fall of the Spanish colonizer.

In the words of José Rizal himself:

'The novel is about many things that have never been touched. ... I have written about the social conditions in the Philippines and the life of the Filipinos. I have told the truth about our beliefs, our hopes, our desires, our complaints, and our concerns. I have tried to show the difference between true religion and the hypocrisy that has impoverished and abused us under that cloak. ... I did not cry about our setbacks, but just laughed about it. Nobody wants to read a book full of tears, and besides, laughter is the best way to hide sadness. The events that I have described have all true and actually happened. "

  • Author: José Rizal
  • Appeared: 12-06-2019
  • Edition: 1st edition
  • Product form: Soft cover
  • Language: Dutch
  • Publisher: Arpenco
  • Number of pages: 408