Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Rattan Plate Pink 22 cm

Rattan Plate Pink 22 cm

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Rattan Plate Pink 22 cm
Country of origin:Europa
Brand: Rapindo
Content: 1 pcs.

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Rattan board braided by hand. Intended as a bottom plate for plastic plates or banana leaves

Rattan plate Pink

This plate has a size of approximately 22 cm and is often available in various colors including pink, blue or orange. The bottom signs are a nice presentation for any parties and parties where you want to use plastic disposable plates. You can also cover the bottom plates with a round piece of banana leaf. The bottom plates provide more stability and firmness and increase the dining convenience of your guests. The bottom plates are hand made and because of this the bottom plates can differ slightly from each other in terms of curves.