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Refillable Burner 9 cm Lef Cooking

€ 13,95

Also known as: Hervulbare Brander
Country of origin: Europe
Brand: LEF Cooking
Code: 3526
Content: 1 pc.

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Refillable Burner Lef Cooking is an easy to fill burner for your shafing dishes.

Refillable Burner

This burner is a perfect replacement for the well known disposable burners for shaving dishes. Perfect to keep your dishes warm in a buffet. This burner has a filling of absorbent ceramic material that provides an odorless, soot-free, economical, safe, and durable. The fuel has a much hotter flame, and as a consequence it has much more effect by filling, and a single burner is sufficient to maintain the temperature of one shafing dish. The advantage of this burner is that you are ultimately much cheaper and you won't have remaining half-filled cans. You can just refill you burner.


  • For filling, always close the burner for 10 seconds
  • Fill up to 400 grams
  • After use close burner