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Rose Flavour 50 ml Jo-La

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Also know as: Roos aroma
Country of origin: Surinam
Brand: Jo-La
Code: 8713337098528
Content: 50 ml

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Rose flavour, once again a taste from the assortment of Jo-La. Jo-La aroma is there in even more different flavours.

Rose Flavour

Aroma and food coloring. You can use these flavours of singh in your homemade mousses or your home-baked cakes. It is also use to an existing dishes such as raisin that little bit extra. Bottles contain 50 ml and easily lockable. Jo-La aroma is available in others flavours, grenadine, rum, vanilla coconut, pandan.

Also available but then from another brand are the aromas of Singh. These bottles are smaller and contain 28.4. Are available in other flavours such as strawberry, cola, pineapple, raspberries, almond, cherry, banana, rose water. Also recommended are the pastas of Koepoe Koepoe, which we also in many very varied tastes.


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