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Roti pancake 3 pcs 300 gr Noffoods

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Also known as: Roti pancake, Roti Skin
Country of origin: Europe, Surinam
Brand: Noffoods
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Content: 3 pcs

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Roti pancake from Noffoods are delicious roti sheets filled with yellow peas. Ready to use.

Roti pancake

Roti is originally a Hindi word and is generally the name for all forms of bread in India, Pakistan, Indonesia. In Thailand, the name Roti usually stands for a type of bread that is very similar to a pancake in terms of structure. With the emigration of Hindustani from India to Suriname, the Roti court has also undergone a move. The Surinamese variant contains ground yellow split peas. The Surinamese roti pancakes are often served with a stew of long beans, potato, egg, garlic, onion, meat (chicken, duck, sheep) and are rounded off with masala curry. Roti sheets are usually eaten by hand.

Preparation: Microwave 700 watts

  • Place the roti with packaging from the refrigerator and heat it for approx. 45 sec
  • or 90 sec from frozen state

Method of preparation: skillet

  • Fry on high heat for 3 minutes.

Do not pierce holes in the packaging