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Rubbing Alcohol regular 70 % 500 ml Casino

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Also know as: Ontsmettings Alcohol Regular
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Casino
Content: 500 ml

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Disinfection Alcohol from Casino contains 70% ethyl alcohol. For cleaning, disinfecting spots, but also for treating insect bites.

Rubbing Alcohol

Antoseptic disinfactant with a formulation of 70% ethyl alcohol on every 100 ml.


  • For cleansing, disinfecting and general antiseptic use in hospitals and home
  • To provide a cooling, soothing effect on the body
  • For general massage

Directions for use:

Pour sufficient amount on hands, cotton or gauze then apply on skin


Store at temperatures not exceeding 30°C
Keep tightly close


If take internally, consult a physician
Keep out of reach of children


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