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Sake Set Sushi design

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Ook bekend als: Ceramic Sake Set , keramisches sake-set, ensemble de saké en céramique
Land van herkomst: Japan
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Sake Set sushi design. Beautiful Ceramic Set for the Japanese rice wine with a print of various sushi . This will inspire you to eat a sushi.

Sake Set Sushi design

This set is part of a whole range of different types of ceramic dishes. The imprint on this series shows the different types of sushi that you have probably eaten before in your life. The names are mentioned in Japanese style. A beautiful set that will surely provide conversation while you enjoy a wonderful Sake alone or with your friends or acquaintances.

Content set

  • 1 ceramic sake pot (13.5 x 8 cm)
  • 4 ceramic beverage cups (4.5 x 5 cm)