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Salted Dried Anchovy Headless 100 gr BDMP

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Also know as: Ansjovis Gezouten Gedroogd zonder kop
Country of origin: Thailand
Brand: BDMP
Code: 8851035415008
Content: 100 gr

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Anchovies salted Dried from BDMP are small anchovies without head. Great to bake or stew in your dish.

Dried Salted Anchovy

This anchovy is salted and dried and without head. The fish have a size of 3 to 4 cm. This is a frozen product.


The anchovy is a jet of sharp fish. It can be about 20 centimeters and has a rounded snout and a short lower jaw. The anchovy mainly eats animal plankton. The anchovy is a fish that occurs frequently at the coast and swims in large schools. The anchovies are often heavily salted in the kitchen. In addition to processing the anchovies in various dishes such as tapas and pizzas, the anchovies in Asia are also often used to produce the very famous fish sauce. The Anchovy is then often fermented.


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