Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Sandwich Spread with cream cheese flavor 220 ml Eden
Sale BB 11.11.2022

Sandwich Spread with cream cheese flavor 220 ml Eden

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Also known as: Sandwich Spread with cream cheese flavor
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Eden
Code: 7622210278432
Content: 220 ml.

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Sandwich Spread with cream cheese flavor from Eden is a real treat, delicious with a creamy cheese taste in combination with small pieces of pickle.

Sandwich Spread

Forget the spread that is for sale in the supermarket here in the Netherlands. This creamy variant with a creamy cheese taste and its fresh sweet and sour pieces of gherkin is a delicacy that belongs in every kitchen. Just for bread or as a seasoning on your sandwich. Once you have tasted it, you certainly don't want to have any other spread than the Eden spread. Eden Sandwich Spread is the only creamy and cheesy option for your recipes. If you’re looking for a spread-ready option, this is the perfect choice for sandwiches, burgers, or roll ups, among others. You’ll love how the fillings bind together in a rich and cheesy embrace that the entire family will fall in love with.


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