Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Sardines In Tomato Sauce 155 gr 555

Sardines In Tomato Sauce 155 gr 555

€ 1,05

Also known as: Sardines In Tomato Sauce
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: 555
Code: 748485200019
Content: 155 gr (5.5 Oz)
Drain Weight: 93 gr

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Sardines in tomato sauce from 555. A delicious sardine in a fine tomato sauce. Delicious with a salad or a rice dish.

Sardines In Tomato Sauce

These sardines are canned in a delicious tomato sauce. Easy to open with its pull lid.


Sardines are a fish species that are often consumed by large groups of people. They are often served in cans. Sardines or pilchards come in different types. The name sardines originates from the 15th century when this fish was regularly caught near Sardinia. The sardines are commercially fished and are available for different purposes. This is used as bait, but also for consumption. The fish is dried, salted or smoked. The oily liquid from the sardines is often used in the manufacture of paint, varnish, and linoleum.


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