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Shin Mirin 500 ml Maruka

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Also know as: Marukin Shin Mirin, shio, kookwijn
Country of origin: Japan
Brand: Marukin
Code: 4902032510310
Content: 500 ml.

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Shin Mirin is a sweet Japanese rice wine that is mainly used for cooking or marinating. The taste is reminiscent of sweet balsamic vinegar.

Shin Mirin

Mirin is a sweet variety of rice wine. The alcohol percentage is 0.9%. It is intended for cooking and not for drinking. I would describe the taste as white balsamic vinegar with a lot of sugar. The cooking wine is often used in marinades such as yakitori and teriyaki. The mirin is a frequently mentioned ingredient in traditional Japanese cuisine and is, therefore, an indispensable part of the Japanese range. You should therefore use it as described in the recipe in which it is stated. Of course, you can also experiment yourself, for example, consider marinating beef before stewing it. The rice wine will make the meat more tender and give it a light aroma.

After opening you can keep it well outside the refrigerator for months.


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