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Sizzling Sisig 160 gr Pinoy's Choice

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Also know as: Sizzling Sisig
Country of origin: England
Brand: Pinoy's Choice
Code: 5060127814053
Content: 160 gr

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Sizzling Sisig is a traditional philippine dish brings together the finest flavors to enthuse your taste buds

Sizzling Sisig

Sisig is a classic traditional dish from the Pampanga region. In Pampanga, you first cook the meat before grilling or frying it. Traditionally, the dish was made from pig's head and liver and seasoned with calamansi and chili peppers. Nowadays more and more regular pork is used which is seasoned with citrus pepper herbs. According to the Kapampangan dictionary, the name sisig stands for "a snack on something sour", which in the early years was first a reference to various fruit that was immature dipped in salt and vinegar. Later this also became a method for marinating fish and meat in combination with calamansi juice or vinegar with various herbs. Traditionally the meat is prepared in 3 phases. Cooking, roasting, and grilling. In the first instance, the pig's head was boiled to remove the hair and make it more tender. Parts of it were then minced and grilled or roasted. Finally, onions were added and served on a piping hot plate.


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