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Skin Lightening Soap 135 gr Kojie San

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Also known as: Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Beauty Elements Ventures Inc.
Code: 4809013300017
Content: 135 gr.

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Skin Lightening Soap from Kojie San is a soap that makes the skin lighter in color through the effect of Kojic acid.

Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap

The Kojic Acid you've always trusted, the acid prescribed by your dermatologist, is now available in Kojie-san Skin Whitening Soap. Kojie-san contains high-quality cosmetic, all-natural kojic acid that helps prevent the production of melanin, leaving the skin lighter and brighter. Kojie-san skin whitening soap is effective in reducing dark spots, freckles and acne, stretch marks and uneven tone.

Kojic Acid was discovered in Japan. It is a by-product of Koji or malted rice used in rice wine production. In cosmetics, kojic acid is popularly known for its remarkable bleaching effect and antioxidant properties.

How to use:

for daily use on face and body. For best results, use a kojie-san body lightening lotion with SPF 25 after bathing


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