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Soto Ajam Boemboe 100 gr Sarirasa

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Also know as: Soto Ajam
Country of origin: Europe / Indonesia
Brand: Sarirasa
Code: 8710161813334
Content: 100 gr.

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Soto Ajam Boemboe from Sarirasa is an Asian spice mix that brings Indonesian cuisine to your home.

Soto Ajam Boemboe

Sarirase has a whole range of different types of boemboe that bring Indian cuisine to your home. Easy to use and perfect as a base for your dishes. There are boemboe's that are the basis for Babi Ketjap, Nasi goreng, soto, opor and much more.


First, fry the Sarirasa boemboe in a pan with two tablespoons of oil. During the baking of the spice mass the odors are released and the taste is strengthened. By adding meat, fish, eggs, tahu, tempeh and/or vegetables, the herbs in the dish and with the addition of water and / or santen (coconut) each dish gets the right delicious taste.

Taste indication: Spicy

  1. Fry the contents lightly brown in about 2 tablespoons of oil
  2. Add to this: 3 ½ cups of water, 500 grams of sliced beef or chicken meat
  3. Let it simmer whole with the lid closed

Serve this as a soup


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