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Soto Ayam Bumbu 250 gr Noni Naantje

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Also know as: Bumbu Soto Ajam, Ayam, Saoto
Country of origin: Indonesia
Brand: Noni Naantje
Content: 250 gr (8.8 Oz)

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Soto Ayam Bumbu Noni Naantje is a complete mix with ingredients to make a good Soto Ayam.

Soto Ayam Bumbu

Also called Soto Ajam or Saoto. Soto Ajam is an Indonesian meal soup of chicken. As so often with Asian dishes, there is not a real recipe, this can vary by region in Indonesia. What often happens is that the broth is made based on chicken and that the ingredients at room temperature are presented in various bowls on a table, so everyone can pick its own fill and mix this with the hot broth. Finally, you can add a topping of fried garlic or onions.  Most of the time they use for a filling often glass vermicelli, bean sprouts, chicken, boiled egg, boiled potato slices, spring onion, celery used. This can, of course, be completed according to their own idea.

Cooking Direction

  • 1. Prepare 500 g chicken and 2 lt water, boil on low flame until the meat is tender (± 30 minutes) then take out, shred and set aside
  • 2. Add ½ jar of the seasoning (125 g), boil briefly (± 3 minutes)  SET IN 5 BOWLS:- Glass vermicelli and bean sprouts ( soaked in hot water ), cabbage, chicken shreds, boiled egg, etc.- Pour with hot Soto soup, add lime/lemon juice.- Sprinkle leek, celery, melinjo crackers, and fried shallot


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