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Sparkling Sake 250 ml Gekkeikan

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Also known as: Sparkling Sake
Country of origin: Japan
Brand: Gekkeikan
Code: 4901030550113
Content: 250 ml

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Agecheck 18+


Sparkling Sake Gekkeikan is a light tingling sake with a nice sweet taste. Drink it cool and get surprised.

Sparkling Sake

You will know by now that there are many types of sake wine. Lets try out these sparkling sake and enjoy sake in a different way. This sake is sweet and slightly tingly and refreshing light. With an alcohol content of 7.5%, he falls under the sake species of the lowest alcohol level. it is also nice to give gifts because of its beautiful packaging.


Sake in Japan is one of the most famous liquor. Brewed using the sake rice this is available in various types. Depending on the type of sake, the warmed, be drunk at room temperature or chilled.