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Steamer 24 CM Stainless Steel Five Star

€ 42,95

Also known as: Stoompan 24 CM RVS Five Star
Country of origin: Europe
Brand: Dann Cuisine
Code: 8936009621569
Content: Set 2 pcs. 24 cm

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Steamer 24 CM Stainless Steel Five Star is a high quality stainless steel steamer. Great for rice, vegetables.

Steamer 24 cm Stainless steel

This steamer is a high quality steamer from stainless steel 18/8. Suitable to heat by hot steam for all kind of food like rice, vegetable, fish, bapao, dim-sum, noodles, pasta etc. Heating by steam will keep almost all the vitamins and minerals but most important of all, it will keep the original taste of the steamed food in fact. This steamer is suitable for all stoves


Be aware that the flame always centered under the bottom and the heat level not to high. In this situation the bottom will reach much quicker the wanted heating point and you will save energy/gas. When using a very large flame under the steamer, the side handles will absorb the heat and will become very hot.


  • Bottom: Ø 24 cm / height 14,5 cm
  • Steam layer: Ø 24 cm / Total height 8,5 cm (approx. 2,5 cm in the bottom space), Ø 3 mm holes
  • Glass lid with stainless steel edge: Ø 24 cm

How to use?

  • Fill the bottom with plenty of water so that it can not run dry, but make sure that between the rack and the water is still room.
  • Put your steaming product on the grid, in many cases it is advisable to grease the grate.
  • Steam the product as directed on the package or until it is cooked.
  • After use, clean the grates and pan and dry.

How to clean:

This steamer is dishwasher save, but many dishwasher tablets contain sodas which can damage the steamer on the long term. Therefor we advise to clean the cookware products with a smooth rinsing soap for cleaning the dishes than wash the soap of with clean water.

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