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Sweet Chili sauce 700 ml Flower Brand

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Also known as: Zoete Chili Saus voor kip
Country of origin: Thailand
Brand: Flower Brand
Code: 8710161000703
Content: 700 ml.

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Sweet Chili sauce for chicken Flower Brand is a delicious sauce that should not be missing in your kitchen. Nowadays, everyone uses it in their dishes.

Sweet Chili sauce

This sauce is a bright orange, sweet and sour spicy sauce made from chili pepper, sugar and vinegar. Delicious as a dip for snacks and miscellaneous Spring rolls, but also at your own stir-fried vegetables or meat dishes or BBQ. This sauce is its composition specifically for the chicken dishes.


Sugar, water, red peppers, modified starch, garlic, salt, xanthaangon E415, Paprika.

contains no dye.

After opening, chilled to preserve for a long period of time.