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Tapa Original Seasoning Mix 47 gr McCormick

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Also known as: Tapa Originele kruiden mix
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: McCormick
Code: 052100079134
Content: 47 gr (1.66 Oz)

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McCormick's Tapa Original Seasoning Mix is a ready-to-use mix to make a popular Filipino breakfast meal or dinner.

Tapa Original Seasoning Mix

Tapa is a dish from the Filipino cuisine. Tapa is traditionally a dried, salted or smoked beef dish. It can of course be made with pork, chicken or fish as an ingredient. In Filipino cuisine, the meat is sliced very thin and preserved with salt and spices. The Tapa is then baked or grilled. A traditional Filipino dish on the menu is the tapsilog, which is a word combination of TAPa, Sinangag (fried rice), itLOG (fried egg). This is often served with papaya atjar.

Preparation method:


  • 80ml water
  • ½ kg of meat


  1. Dissolve the McCormick Meat Marinade Mix in water
  2. Add meat (and fat) and mix well
  3. Let stand for at least an hour.
  4. Bake / grill until cooked


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