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TBM 80 gr Koepoe Koepoe

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Also known as: Bahan Kue Baking Mix, Pengemulsi, emulsifier, Surface Perfectant
Country of origin: Indonesia
Brand: Koepoe Koepoe
Code: 8992984821226
Content: 80 gr.

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TBM is an emulsifier and stabilizer. You do it through the batter of a cake or dough to make it more durable and to keep its structure.


Also known as pengemulsi, this is a name that actually means the same as an emulsifier. It has been specially developed to give the self-baked cake or dough an even softer and lighter structure and to keep it longer. Together with this product, you produce a perfect sponge cake that will retain its excellent taste and texture for longer. Koepoe Koepoe has a wide range of products, look further on our website and discover the articles of Koepoe Koepoe.

TBM, Ovalett, SP

Of these 3, Ovalett is the basic version. The difference with the TBM and SP is that extra yellow color has been added to TBM and that a vanilla aroma has been added to the SP. The use is otherwise the same.


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