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Tepung Dawet Cendol mold 1 set Sruut

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Also know as: Tepung Dawet Cendol pers
Country of origin: Indonesia
Brand: Sruut
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Content:1 set

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Tepung Dawet Cendol mold from Sruut is a plastic mold with a press to make cendol the easy way.

Tepung Dawet Cendol mold

This mold is an ideal combination with the packages of cendol flour from sruut. Simply make the batter, put it in the mold and press in cold water. Nice for the summer days. This shape is completely plastic.


Press: Ø 10 cm and 20 cm high

Sieve: Ø 11 cm and 12 cm high


Cendol also known as tjendol are green or red, white slippery tapioca strings that are used in a delicious dessert in combination with coconut milk and gula djawa sugar. The mix is easy to make and thus forms the basis for this tropical drink.

How to use:

  • Mix 1 bag of 100 gr dawet flour with 600 cc of water in a pan and mix well
  • Heat the mix and gently stir until it thickens and boils
  • Prepare the mold and ice cold water
  • Pour the mass into the mold and press it directly into cold water through the press
  • Serve with coconut milk, palm sugar, pieces of jackfruit and ice shavings or cubes.


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