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Teriyaki chicken flavored crackers 100 gr Regent

€ 2,85

Also known as: Teriyaki chicken flavored crackers
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Regent
Code: 4801688111011
Content: 100 gr (3.5 Oz)

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Teriyaki chicken-flavored crackers from Regent is a delicious snack with a slightly spicy teriyaki taste. Great for in-between or with the movie.

Teriyaki chicken-flavored crackers

Teriyaki chicken-flavored crackers is a crispy potato type that is comparable in structure to PeeWee. Nice and spicy seasoned with a mix of teriyaki herbs. A tasty variant in the range of our Philippine chips.

What is Teriyaki?

Teriyaki is a Japanese term derived from the Japanese kitchen. Teri means shine and Yaki means Grilling or baking. Teriyaki is naturally applied to various fish dishes in Japan. But in recent years it has been increasingly applied to meat dishes. Consider, for example, the delicious chicken teriyaki. The sauce is actually a base of Sake, soy sauce, Japanese cooking wine, and sugar. Depending on the use, this is then boiled down to the desired thickness. With a marinade, it is often cooked a little shorter and therefore a bit thinner, but if it is used to give the meat a shine during grilling, it is further reduced to a viscous liquid.


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