Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Tilapia 300- 500 gr The Ultimate Taste

Tilapia 300- 500 gr The Ultimate Taste

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Also known as: Tilapia
Country of origin: China
Brand: The Ultimate Taste
Code: 8718503220031
Content: 300 - 500 gr

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Tilapia from The Ultimate Tasteis a  fresh-frozen whole Tilapia fish that can be perfectly used for Asian cuisine in stews and baking dishes.


This Tilapia is a gutted and scaled frozen Tilapia that is packed per 1 pcs. The fish is often used in various Asian dishes and can be completely or filleted. In addition to the stew and fry preparation, this fish is naturally also delicious on the barbecue.


The name Tilapia is actually a collective name for various tropical fish from the family of the cichlids. The sizes are very different, but the tilapia can reach a length and the same weight of 2.5 kilos. The origin of this fish is Africa, but over the years this fish has been released to more places in the world. In addition, this fish is farmed on a large scale in Asia including China, Philippines and Thailand. The Tilapia is a fish that likes to be on the bottom and can therefore have a slightly grounded taste.


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