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Tumeric Powder 25 gr Kokki Djawa

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Also know as: Koenjit, kurkuma, geelwortel, turmeric, kunyit, kunir, haldi, Kha min, Ngh?, Indiase saffraan
Country of origin: Europe
Brand: Kokki Djawa
Code: 8710161532754
Content: 25 gr.

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Tumeric powder or curcuma powder is an ingredient that is used a lot in Indian cuisine. This powder version is often used as a perfect replacement for the much more expensive saffron

Tumeric Powder

Various spices in the Indian kitchen often have several names under which they are known. That also applies to the Turmeric. This is also known as curcuma, Koenjit, kunyit and yellow root. Koenjit is originally the Malayan name and is a member of the family of ginger roots. The herbs are mildly bitter in taste and give a yellow color and are therefore often used for coloring rice and curry dishes. In addition to its taste, the fresh turmeric is especially appreciated for its medicinal properties.

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