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Ube Polvoron 170 gr Aling Alyssa

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Also known as: Purple Yam Powdered Milk Candies, Ube
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Aling Alyssa
Content: 170 gr (10 pcs)

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Ube Polvoron is made from ube powder mixed with a premium quality powdered milk. Roasted wheat flour and sugar make this the soft biscuit that is packed in this package.

Ube Polvoron

A Polvoron (From polvo, the Spanish word for powder or dust; Cebuano: polboron; Tagalog: pulburón) is a type of biscuit made of flour, sugar, milk and nuts. Traditionally, this is a Spanish biscuit mainly produced in Andalusia. During the Spanish occupation of the Philippines, this biscuit was also a success among the Filipino population. The Filipino version of Pulvuron as it is called in the local vernacular is made from powdered milk, toasted flour, butter, or margarine. Various flavors are available of the polvuron, including the Pinipig (with roasted rice), ube flavor, and a variant with a chocolate layer. One bag contains 10 pcs.

Ube root

The root is a tuber-like crop also known as yam. The Ube root comes from Africa and Asia. The tubers vary in size. The Purple jam is used in various desserts, there are also different types of ice cream with purple jam and in combination with coconut. In the Philippines it is also available as halayá. This is some kind of jam. One of the dishes in which ube is used is the very popular halo-halo dessert from the Philippines. This is a shaved ice dessert with fresh fruit, purple jam, cream, condensed milk and coconut.


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