Toko 4 All - My Little Philippines - Water chestnut slices 227 gr Mount Elephant

Water chestnut slices 227 gr Mount Elephant

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Also known as: Water Chestnuts slices, Wasserkastanien, Chataigne d'eau
Country of origin: China
Brand: Mount Elephant
Content: 227gr
Drain Weight:
142 gr

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Water chestnuts slices from Mount Elephant are tasty crispy tubers that are used in many Asian stews. It often gives a crunchy bite to the dishes.

Water chestnuts slices

These are tubers of an aquatic plant from Southeast Asia. The tubers grow under water in the mud. The chestnuts have a dark brown skin and a crispy and sweet white flesh. The tubers are delicious in salads, soups, and stir-fries. These water chestnuts are canned with water without preservatives.

Water chestnuts Fresh

You must peel these chestnuts until you leave a white flat tuber. These are raw to eat but they are mostly used in stew or wok dishes. The tubers can be stored in the fridge for a week or two.


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