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Theo & Philo Dark Chocolate 65% with Labuyo Chili 45 gr
Theo & Philo Dark Chocolate 65% with Labuyo Chili 45 gr

Dark Chocolate 65% with Labuyo Chili 45 gr

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Like that fiery heroine that girls want to be and boys want to have. Equal parts sweet and spicy, this well-loved favorite takes the velvety richness of dark chocolate and adds the zing of labuyo.

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Pure Chocolade 65% met Labuyo-chili

The Pure Chocolate 65% with Green Mango and Salt (45 grams) from the Philippines is a unique chocolate bar offering a blend of flavors that are characteristic of Filipino cuisine.

This chocolate bar comprises dark chocolate with a 65% cocoa content, implying an intense and rich chocolate flavor. The addition of green mango introduces a refreshing and slightly tangy fruity aroma to the chocolate. Green mangoes have a distinctive taste - slightly tart, crisp, and less sweet than ripe mangoes - which adds an interesting and lively flavor experience to the chocolate.

Furthermore, this chocolate bar includes a hint of salt, creating an intriguing contrast between the rich bitterness of the dark chocolate, the subtle tartness of the green mango, and the salty taste. Salt often enhances other flavors, resulting in a more pronounced and balanced flavor combination.

The amalgamation of these ingredients in the chocolate bar delivers a harmonious interplay of distinct flavors: the deep and intense taste of dark chocolate, the refreshing hint of green mango, and the contrast of salt. This bar not only offers a unique flavor experience but also an exciting blend of textures and tastes.

This product exemplifies innovation in the chocolate industry, blending traditional ingredients with local flavors to create new and exhilarating chocolate flavors that reflect the culinary diversity of the Philippines.



Cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, dried chili


Also known as: Pure Chocolade 65% met Labuyo-chili 45 gr
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Theo & Philo
Code: 4809015036037
Content: 45 gram

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