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Guyabano Puree Frozen 500 gr
Guyabano Puree Frozen 500 gr

Guyabano Puree Frozen 500 gr

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Guyabano puree, without seeds and seeds. This frozen version is puree, often used for smoothies.

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Guyabano Puree Frozen

Guyabano Puree Frozen in bags of 500 gr. Puree is seedless and ready to use.


Guyabano is a fruit with many names, each country seems to have its own name. What is generally the same are the positive comments about this fruit. The soursop or Guanabana as it is also called is a pear-like fruit that is slightly curved. The fruits can grow to about 20 x 35 cm. The outside is dark green and has curved spines. The pulp is snow-white and when fully ripe it has a very soft texture. The taste is fresh, sweet and sour. If the fresh fruit is exposed to the air, it will discolour quite quickly, just like a banana. The pulp contains various seeds that can be approximately 1 x 2 cm. The fruit is a family of the Cherimoya, known in the Netherlands.

Medicinal use

The Guyabano fruit is known for its positive medical effects. For example, the leaves would have a positive effect on high blood pressure, and the pulp and juice could have a positive effect in the fight against cancer cells. However, the latter has never been fully medically proven, but the stories circulating on the internet all appear to show a similarity.



100% Guyabano Puree


Also known as: Guyabano Puree Frozen
Country of origin: Europe
Brand: Fawaka
Code: 8718481570814
Content: 500 gr.

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