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Dragon & Phoenix Jasmine Rice Premium Quality 5 kilo
Dragon & Phoenix Jasmine Rice Premium Quality 5 kilo

Jasmine Rice Premium Quality 5 kilo

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Jasmine rice Milagrosa from Cambodia is a premium rice variety known for its delightful floral aroma and soft texture.

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Jasmine Rice Premium Quality

Jasmine rice Milagrosa from Cambodia is renowned for its exceptional quality and delightful aroma. This rice variety is cultivated in the fertile Mekong Delta of Cambodia, where the conditions are ideal for rice cultivation.

The name "Milagrosa" means "miraculous" or "marvelous" in Spanish, emphasizing the high regard and quality of this rice. Jasmine rice is known for its light, floral fragrance and soft texture once cooked. It boasts long, slender grains that become wonderfully fluffy and slightly sticky after cooking, making it a popular choice for various Asian dishes.

This rice is often praised for its delicate flavor, complementing a wide array of dishes from curries to fried rice and sushi. Additionally, it is rich in nutrients such as carbohydrates, fiber, and several essential vitamins and minerals.

It's important to note that Jasmine rice Milagrosa, like other rice varieties, possesses unique characteristics and flavors that distinguish it from other types. Following the cooking instructions is recommended to achieve the best taste and texture.



Jasmine rice


Also known as: Jasmijn Rijst Premium Quality
Country of origin: Cambodia
Brand: Dragon & Phoenix
Code: 8718053591056
Content: 5 kilo

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