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Metal fish with mother-of-pearl, 53x30cm.
Metal fish with mother-of-pearl, 53x30cm.

Metal fish with mother-of-pearl, 53x30cm.

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The metal Fish with mother-of-pearl is a beautiful showpiece, handmade from metal combined with the exquisite mother-of-pearl.

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Metal fish with mother-of-pearl

A metal fish with mother-of-pearl on a stand is an artistic and decorative piece often used to bring elegance and aesthetics into the home. This artwork combines the sturdiness of metal with the shine and iridescent properties of mother-of-pearl, resulting in a striking visual effect.

The metal fish is handcrafted and carefully designed to capture the shape and details of a real fish. The addition of mother-of-pearl on certain parts of the fish, such as the scales or fins, gives the artwork a unique and eye-catching appearance.

These types of decorative pieces can be found in various styles and sizes, ranging from small table pieces to larger sculptures that serve as a focal point in a room. They often add a touch of maritime atmosphere to the surroundings and can serve as an attractive conversation piece.

In summary, a metal fish with mother-of-pearl on a stand is a beautiful example of artisanal artistry and can be an elegant addition to your interior, especially if you are a lover of sea-related decor or simply looking for a unique and visually appealing decorative piece.


Mother-of-pearl, also called nacre or Capiz in Filipino, is an oyster-like shell called Placuns Placenta. These shells are commonly known as pearl oysters. The Capiz shell has a light-transmitting character and is often used for windows and lamps in the Philippines. These shells do not belong to protected marine animals, and fishing for them is legal. In addition to their use in windows and lamps, these shells are also widely used in art objects. By keeping the shells moist after catching them, they can be shaped slightly before pouring a resin over them. The shells are composed of various layers lying on top of each other. The thickness of the layers can vary by mollusk group. Real mother-of-pearl can be used as glass for windows, but it is much more fragile. However, it is also much cheaper than glass.

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